Hi, I’m Neil.

I’m a small business owner looking to make his way in the world like everybody else.

As both a father of three boys and the lead manager on board a relatively young online marketing firm, I know only too well the challenges that everyday life can bring!  But isn’t that what life is all about? There’s no better feeling in the world than one of accomplishment.

I started up my firm back in 2014, at a time when the online landscape was in major transition. It was a very exciting time – and even as I’m typing this, it still is! Mobile browsing has changed the way we market ourselves for the better, in my opinion. If the future of engagement lies anywhere outside of a smartphone, I’d be very surprised.

I’d cut my teeth working as an SEO specialist for a local agency for around six years. With the world of online marketing expanding more and more, the temptation to break out on my own was growing fierce. This was also at a time when it was no longer seen as ‘risky’ to build your own start-up.

So I took the risk. I’m sure plenty of you reading this did, too. I’m also hoping plenty of you cherished that decision! Over five years on, I’ve built up a portfolio of happy clients with the help of my very own team. There’s nothing quite like managing a team of happy, motivated and talented individuals. We’re all like-minded, too, which has always been a major bonus.

But where do you go from here? If, like me, you intended on writing up your five-year-plan four years ago and haven’t, you may be wondering quite what the future has in store.

I started Smallbizaholic for this very reason. To discuss some of the major issues facing small businesses on a global scale. To look at ways in which we can break down old barriers to create brighter futures. Business may be booming but each and every day is different. In my case, quite what Google might do next in terms of search algorithms is a concern that’s kept me on my toes. Rightfully so, too.

Running a small business isn’t ever just a case of having a good idea and running with it. It takes passion; it takes confidence. But, as I’m sure you’ll agree, we all have good and bad days.

I’m not all about business, business, business, however. I’m a huge fan of technology in general. Yes, you’ll likely find me checking out Samsung’s latest creations or stealing a quick go on the PlayStation VR when the kids are asleep. And why not? Life should be all about trying new things – and having fun, too.

Let’s work together to get our heads around the big factors affecting small businesses. How do we grow in a changing world? What’s next? No matter what you do, I’m happy you’re on board.