Part of a successful small business these days is having a good digital marketing strategy. And part of that is email marketing wherein you gather and create a list of emails from your current and potential customers so you can send them updates such promos, discounts, sales, and other marketing updates.

The problem lies in not knowing how to handle an email marketing campaign the right way. You can’t just add people’s emails and send a plethora of emails to them because frankly, they will surely get annoyed and opt-out from your list. If that’s the worst that they would do, because for one, they may stop patronizing your business altogether.

So to help you get started, here are 7 essential email marketing tips you should know.

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1. Know your target audience.

Just like with any marketing strategy, you have to first understand who your target audience are so you can tailor your email messages to their liking. Are they your current customers or did they sign up to your mailing list since they’re still in the decision stage of the buying process?

It may also be necessary to segment your mailing lists, meaning you may have to create separate lists for different audiences.

2. Keep your emails concise.

Nobody likes to read long emails. If you do send a really long, make sure that it’s on purpose and that you have a specific goal in mind. For example, sales letters are generally longer because it usually takes more words to convince people to buy.

However, if you’re just keeping in touch with the people in your list then definitely make sure your emails are short and concise. In short, do not waste people’s time.

3. Send people something free.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? It doesn’t have to be something fancy, just anything of at least a little value that will make people smile. For example, you might email them a free copy of an ebook related to the products or services you are offering. For instance, if you’re a pet store owner one type of ebook that you can send out is a dog grooming tutorial or puppy training guide. People will surely appreciate it.

4. Be consistent with your mailing schedule.

Humans are creatures of habit that is why we are used to waiting for our favorite TV shows at specific times of the day and week. It is the same with receiving emails. Just pick any day and time of the week to send your emails so people will get used to expecting it.

5. Create catchy subject lines or headlines.

That subject line is where you can make the most impact with your reader. That’s where you can hook them in and make them read the rest of your email. An effective subject line is short and to the point and creates a desire for the reader to read more.

6. Consider sending a plain text email.

Plain text email looks just like a regular email. You know, the ones that you receive from your family and friends. It has none of the flashy graphics that immediately says it’s a sales pitch. A plain text email is more personal and if worded correctly, can oftentimes give the best results.

7. Make it worth their time.

How can you do that? For one, your email message should have no typographical or grammatical errors. Mistakes as simple as a wrong spelling can put off most readers from pushing through with the rest of the email.

Also, your email should be informative enough that your readers will feel glad that they spent time reading it.

These are 7 of the basic yet important email marketing tips that you should practice. With practice, you will eventually find the right mix and approach to make your emails successful.

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