Small businesses don’t always rely on small furniture. In fact, the most forward-thinking start-ups and firms look for practical, efficient and time-saving options. When your business is growing, you need to think about saving money as well as time and energy. Therefore, it makes sense to look for furniture which will support you as well as grow with you over the years to come.

Here are just a few great, modern furniture ideas you might want to put into practice for your business.

small office with tables and computers

Movable Partitions

Modern business revolves around this idea of being open and collaborative. However, there will always be a need for you to close spaces off for private meetings. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a mobile partition or two.

Partitions can arrive fitted with wheels, which means they can quickly move into place when a ‘room’ needs building. Furthermore, you can move them away for safe, secure storage and to open up your floor space. That means your office can change shape and be as flexible as you need it to be.

Extendable Tables

A great space-saving idea for small businesses and offices is an extendable table. As the name suggests, these units can open up and compact again as and when needed. It means that if you need your whole team to take part in a meeting, you simply need to snap open an extendable table to ensure everyone has a comfy space to sit.

Like mobile partitions, extendable tables will easily store away when not in use. It’s fair to say that most small businesses will look for ways to cut down on floor use, which means an extendable table will likely have a very welcome place in most modern work spaces.

Shipping Lockers

Have you ever considered using a shipping container to support your office? Many start-ups are using them to create offices from scratch. Others, however, are ordering containers to custom fit their furniture needs. For example, you could build a sturdy, space-efficient locker system for bags and accessories from a simple shipping container unit.

Lockers are ideal in small business spaces for the simple fact that clutter really clogs things up. For maximum practicality and efficiency, you should focus on clearing desks! A shipping container might offer you just the right amount of secure, reliable storage you need.

Vertical Shelves

Lastly, many small businesses will stand to benefit from making the most of vertical space. Even the biggest businesses and offices out there waste floor space with clunky storage options! Make the most of your walls with shelving that stacks and ascends, instead of jutting out and taking up all your freedom to move.

What Works For You?

Ultimately, no two businesses are the same. Most modern start-ups, however, will be looking for ways to save space and money. Consider some of the ideas we’ve raised here for that added touch of contemporary flair and durability!

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