I started my own SEO consulting business back in 2014. Was it an easy transition from having a regular and secure job to basically being a freelancer and business owner? Of course, and to be honest, it was a bit scary at first. This is especially true because I have a family to support and I knew that I needed my business to be successful really quick or else my family might suffer.

Good thing I was able to land a handful of clients within just a few months of my business opening shop. Now looking back, I can safely and proudly say that I am confident in my role as a business owner and now I can impart some words of wisdom (even if unsolicited) to those who are thinking of making that big leap into entrepreneurship.

Because I’m about to share the two most important things that I now know every starting entrepreneur should have.

Business Plan

business plan

Sounds pretty basic, right? But you will be surprise to know that majority of business owners started without having a clear business plan on hand. I’m saying an actual piece of paper (or a digital file) containing the steps you need to take from how to register your business, to your business model, to how you are planning to get customers. That’s because having a plan is important and while it does not ensure the success of your business, it will at least prevent your venture from quickly going under. It will give you a fighting chance to make your business succeed.

And not only a business plan, but you should also have your business systems or standard operating procedures set in writing. This is so you can avoid guessing what you need to do or commit mistakes when what you’re supposed to do for your business is a regular thing. Confused? Let me give you an example.

Create a system on how you will onboard a new client. It can be as simple as having these steps:

  1. Present a client with a detailed list of the things they can expect from your services.
  2. Sign a contract.
  3. Assign the next tasks to your team members.
  4. Monitor the progress of these tasks.
  5. Review the completed tasks.
  6. Present the results to the client.
  7. Send invoice for the services you rendered them.

Sounds simple, right? To be honest, not really, because it involves creating the right system that you and your team will follow to ensure the smooth operation of your business. But once you have the systems in place, it will make your life a whole lot easier.


You can never succeed on anything if you are not passionate about it. Think of all the successful people in history. Einstein was passionate about knowing things. Marie Curie was passionate about understanding radiation, even through it eventually did harm to her body. Michael Jordan was passionate about winning. So on and so forth. You need to have the same passionate in whatever business you will be getting into otherwise you will just feel like it’s another job. The only difference is, once you lose the desire, the whole business will crumble down because you, as the business owner, is its main source of strength.

So my suggestion to you is before you make that big decision of starting your business, make sure that it is your passion. That every time you wake up, you are excited to get into your shoes as an entrepreneur and make amazing things happen for your business.

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